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    The secret to Felicity's success is - well, highly secret. And possibly illegal. But it's not hurting anyone, and it's made her a famous and adored TV producer.


    Until, that is, a psychic archaeologist, a boutique spy, and a revenge artist come calling. Not to mention a horrible undercover matchmaker! And that's just the start. Now the whole thing is pointing toward her beloved Uncle Obie and maybe even putting him in danger.


    And then it gets really complicated . . .

    Coming soon (for young readers)

    Annika is unhappy when her parents decide to move to Enoch; but when they get there, she finds it worse than she'd feared. Her new school, Tower School, doesn't have a tower and it's ugly and thoroughly dull. The only thing she likes about it is the old bell out front, cemented onto a pedestal.


    Then Annika discovers something scary about the bell. She doesn't dare tell anyone her secret - no one would believe her. But something has to be done, otherwise Enoch will never be happy again!


    What Annika must do will take courage, help, and a lot of imagination.

    I'm giving all proceeds to the Paul Hansell Foundation, supporting youth mental health.


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    Read how this book came about at my blogpost here.


    When not writing, I travel a lot with my work, and relish exploring cultures and languages.

    But mostly, I'm always curious about: how do we make our world a better place?


    I've been privileged to work in the humanitarian sector for many years, and more recently, supporting social and systems innovators. They not only tackle the big, pressing issues, but also imagine new things we never knew were possible. If you're interested in knowing more about this exciting work, the University of Waterloo's online course, or the seminal book, Getting to Maybe, are great places to start.


    I'm also an art dabbler, and you can check out my dabbling here.


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