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    Growing up is hard when your mentor is just a phantom . . .


    Eleven-year-old Atlas is in a hurry to grow up. He wants to be strong and a gentleman, just like his hero, hockey legend Tim Horton. But most of the time he feels confused. What is puberty? Is he starting to be afflicted with it? How do you talk to girls? And how can he protect his too-trusting younger brother? Valentine’s Day, science class, hockey—everything seems perilous these days!


    He really needs some fatherly advice. But his dad died three years ago, and anyway, Atlas is sure he’d have been no help at all. His father’s definitely not a hero. Who can he turn to?


    Then, one day, the ghost of Tim Horton appears to him in the mirror . . .



    The secret to Felicity's success is - well, highly secret. And possibly illegal. But it's not hurting anyone, and it's made her a famous and adored TV producer.


    Until, that is, a psychic archaeologist, a boutique spy, and a revenge artist come calling. Not to mention a horrible undercover matchmaker! And that's just the start.


    Now the whole thing is pointing toward her beloved Uncle Obie and maybe even putting him in danger.


    And then it gets really complicated . . .



    A financial crisis. A fractious family. A mysterious box falls into the middle of it—straight from the sky onto Ċensa. Now she’s got horrible headaches, and it’s not just from the blow to the head.


    The box might be very valuable, it might be a historical treasure—and definitely, everyone wants it! While the family home crumbles, relationships are strained by robbery, spiritual misfortune, and revenge; and she can’t stand to even think about the complications with her boyfriend.


    Meanwhile, Ċensa discovers a secret inside the box that could make her a successful artist and solve her financial problems—but at a steep price. And life will never be the same . . .



    Annika is unhappy when her parents decide to move to Enoch; but when they get there, she finds it worse than she'd feared. Her new school, Tower School, doesn't have a tower and it's ugly and thoroughly dull. The only thing she likes about it is the old bell out front, cemented onto a pedestal.


    Then Annika discovers something scary about the bell. She doesn't dare tell anyone her secret - no one would believe her. But something has to be done, otherwise Enoch will never be happy again!


    What Annika must do will take courage, help, and a lot of imagination.


    Moments that inspire my writing...


    Writing, reading, travelling; writing, reading, travelling . . .

    When my daughter, Maddy, was just a chubby little thing, she and I used to spend quite a bit of time toodling around our tiny town. We would go on wonder walks to seek out the charming and mysterious and unusual. The downtown of Guelph (where we lived) has old limestone buildings and small...
    July 9, 2020
    Caspertina Passala woke. She’d been dreaming—was it a dream? She could see it all still, almost reach out and touch her. It was Penelope, the miracle baby, the daughter who had so salved Caspertina Passala’s wounded heart. Penelope was about four years old—the age Nora was when she died—just...
    July 8, 2020
    Olivero Russo thought about what Caspertina Passala had said. Amongst so many griefs, he lamented the thought that he would probably never recover the heady days of wonder that had so enchanted him just a short time ago when everything was a miracle. But doing nothing but mourning was exhausting....
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    When not writing, I travel a lot with my work and relish exploring cultures and languages. I also drink a lot of coffee.

    A couple of years ago, I gave up my apartment and all my possessions in Canada - I was seeing them infrequently anyway - so now it's just me, my suitcase, and the wide world!


    I've been privileged to work in the humanitarian sector all around the globe with amazing people who constantly inspire me.


    I'm mom of one wholly incredible daughter who's an outdoor adventure guide and is probably right now guiding people somewhere through the Canadian wilderness.


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