• A gift for you.

    Caspertina Passala is 103 years old and sleepy, and her granddaughter has sold her pots. Olivero Russo is about to retire and, passing by, has bought them. When he bakes bread in the pots and eats it, Olivero Russo is transported to his forgotten past. He doesn’t know that Caspertina Passala has jolted awake and is also experiencing moments from long ago—and a mysterious, life-altering bond and journey begins . . .  


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  • A new short story collection!


    What's a life for?


    That’s a question Bertie never gave a thought to until he went to work at Haven House, where he serves those who have died—but are not yet dead. Gabe thought his life was all about his magical gift, but it turned out to be something far more mysterious and valuable. And it wasn’t until Georgia was confronted by her cat (of all people!) that she even considered the question; while Millman—sweet Millman, with his immortal friends—can’t get away from it, not for a moment.


    These characters and many more dance and fumble with the mystery of life in this collection of whimsical, yet deep, wonder tales.